Dating pressure and harrasment

Several of them questioned whether it was appropriate for Oreskes to oversee NPR's coverage of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in October.NPR correspondent Neda Ulaby publicly hinted at this issue in a tweet on October 11, one week after the first story about Weinstein came out.He followed her back and sent her a private message.

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Mohn sounded committed to regaining the staff's support during Friday's town hall, the people who were at the meeting said.

He emphasized that an outside law firm will be conducting an investigation of his handling of the Oreskes matter.

The employees insisted on anonymity to speak candidly about the turmoil inside the organization.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that "two more women have filed formal harassment complaints" against Oreskes, "bringing the number who have accused him of misconduct to five." One of those women also spoke with CNN. "Many people now are questioning his leadership and feel he failed us, and enabled a serial sexual harasser." When he was forced out on Wednesday, Oreskes said, "my behavior was wrong and inexcusable, and I accept full responsibility." Related: At NPR, Oreskes harassment scandal leaves deep wounds Inside NPR, attention has now turned to Mohn and senior management.

"Wondering how high-level serial sexual harassers in various newsrooms are weighing in on Weinstein coverage," she wrote.