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“Remedy,” the first single, could easily have passed as a lost Nirvana track, and the subsequent singles, “Truth” and hard ballad “The Gift,” continued the group’s string of successes.

However, Morgan’s battle with alcoholism reached critical mass; his breakup with Lee was memorialized in the Evanescence single “Call Me When You’re Sober,” and the group was forced to drop out of a package tour with Three Days Grace and Staind.

We will have another small tour in the US with Seether for five weeks and the rest of the year we are not going to tour at all, and we will start to write some new stuff. During the recording of our first album we wanted Amy to participate, who came into the studio and sang her part, but due to some problems with the song it didn't make it to the album. We suggested that it should be recorded again and they said that would be fine.

We will try to be as creative as we can and we aren't afraid of experiments. And when Amy came, we added some strings without hurry and the result was very good.

But if the song is already on a soundtrack, everything becomes easier and it is easier for a song to be successful.