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The first album Tupac made for Death Row, "All Eyez on Me," which was released in early 1996, sold over five million units.

Tupac had made three earlier albums, but they had never reached the stratosphere of "quintuple platinm." Still, the days preceding his murder were anything but halcyon for him.

A guard holding a metal detector stood at the front door of the Death Row studio. "The have a checlist of people who can go in with guns.

"I have not been to one other studio to this day where you have to be searched before you get in," a veteran of the L. So you have to figure, These guys have guns, and it's a long run to the front door, and there's security at the front door that may try to stop you, even if you get there....

In addition, hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of suits have now been filed against Death Row (the largest being that of Tupac's estate, charging that he was defrauded of over fifty million dollars, and seeking damages of a hundred and fifty million). NFAIRLY or not, Tupac Shakur's name has become synonymous with violent rap lyrics and "thug life" (a phrase Tupac had tattooed across his midriff).


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