Consolidating workbooks in excel 2016

Additionally, as explained by BI expert Chris Webb in Because of the above, learning how to use Power Query has the potential to save you a substantial amount of time and make you significantly more efficient when importing data into Excel.

consolidating workbooks in excel 2016-84

The Import Data dialog box resembles other Excel dialog boxes that allow you to browse folders and select files.

This dialog box usually shows you any type of Excel file.

At a basic level, the file examples are organized around listing the following sales data: If you’re reading this Power Query Tutorial while using the file examples (my suggestion is you use them), note that you can’t refresh the data extracted by Power Query from within the main workbook example (which contains the queries).

This is because the path of the source files you download will be different from the one I’ve specified in the workbook example. However, I suggest that you try recreating the queries by yourself by following the step-by-step processes I describe below.

This includes, for example: However, regardless of the type of Excel file you import, Power Query limits itself to working with data in cells.


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