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This is perfect for those who can’t spare the 9 cost to get a full-featured copy of Windows from a big box store. You see, Ubuntu operates on the notion that software should be free.

Sure, if you look hard enough, you can probably find some programs that cost money, but paid software is largely a minority on the Linux platform.

You’re not forced to participate in an ecosystem that you may not agree with, and Linux isn’t filled to the brim with one company’s “” Instead, you get to choose your own. When you use Microsoft’s new operating system, you are telling them that it is okay for them to collect data on you.

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All that is required is a USB flash drive, an Internet connection and the know-how to get it installed.

There are hardly any operating systems based on the Linux kernel out there that cost money.

A vanilla installation of your favorite Linux-based operating system likely won’t contain any closed-code programs.

This makes it easier to give away the operating system for free, but it also means that modification of the operating system is legally allowed.

All of the code used is open and publicly available for everyone to see, and anything is possible.


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