Stamps com not updating

- Improved GIF compression ratio and speed updating to Gifsicle 1.6.7 (custom built).

- Improved EXE compression ratio and speed by replacing GNU strip and Strip Reloc with PETrim.

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- Colored rows in files grid to make it easy to read.

- Disabled by default JPEG arithmetic encoding, and enabled huffman optimization again, due to incompatibilities with some programs and popular request. - Better default grid columns width and number format.

1.10 - 2012/08/13 - Added EXE optimization support. - Speedup ZIP and GZ compression by splitting it in separated paths. - Improved ZIP and GZ compression ratio and speed updating to ZLib 1.2.5.

- Make sure that resulting APNG, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF files are always smaller than original ones before overwriting them.

1.40 - 2012/08/20 - Added MP3 recompression support.