Person intimidating with gun

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Evidence about the incidence and characteristics of gun victimization and self defense gun use come from two types of survey.

The first is the large, public National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).

And since there is no way to know what is on their minds, all we have are our instincts, but as we all should know, our instincts are often racist, classist, and frequently mistaken. The gun-rights activists think that their intent is obvious and that everyone knows what they hope to do. But this is because they are all extreme narcissists.

We can’t really know what anyone else hopes to do, and sometimes, because of the subconscious and of self-deception, we don’t ever know what our own true intent is.

In 19 national surveys focusing on defensive and offensive gun use were conducted under the auspices of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.