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For young lawyers who have already earned a place in their firms, mentorship was also a key area with room for improvement.Noting that such elements cannot be enforced by “hard legislation”, the task force recommended that firms adopt structured feedback systems which include at least two face-to-face appraisal sessions per year.Quoine’s lawyers argue that B2C2 “must have known” that the price was “wholly out of line with all the other prices it had been seeking to trade at during that day”, all of which were more than 250 times lower.

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Alternative platforms, such as ombudsmen, can also be considered to take into account concerns that young lawyers may not feel comfortable disclosing to their direct supervisors.

In response to queries, a Law Soc spokesperson said the welfare of young lawyers and trainees “is a top priority” as “they are the future of the profession, and an important resource that we must invest in”.

It added: “Senior lawyers should also take to heart their serious obligation to conduct themselves and to communicate in a manner befitting their seniority and leadership in the profession and the firm.” A satisfactory training experience must include good mentorship, either by supervising lawyers or their assistants closer in seniority to the trainees and are more likely to be “available on a day-to-day basis”, said the task force.

It recommended that supervising lawyers share feedback for each piece of work that the trainee has done.

Over the last two years, the issue of young lawyers working under increasing strain was flagged as a concern by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon during his addresses at Mass Call ceremonies — to formally admit lawyers to the Bar.