Iceland dating and marriage

Maybe, because of the fact all what is made by hands of Icelandic men does not have long life.

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Such body conditions allow them to have long passionate nights with men and be ready for that, as for now no one knows, what exactly makes them to live so long.

Maybe active way of live and quality of sex is one of the reasons? You know, Iceland is a small country, where almost everyone knows each other, so if you are foreigner and some day visited Iceland; for sure you will be a person of interest for hot Icelandic girls.

The reason for this female behavior was that Icelandic men most of their life spent at sea and the women had to cope alone with all concerns.

Naturally, women became more severe and rigid nature and so the men were forced to accept the fact that women in Iceland have become more powerful sex than themselves.

It is kind of national habit, when there have always been weak men around.