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I’d had some personal setbacks which had led me to be content with being alone for a while (and possibly forever). And then I got a call from my Chipotle loving, hilarious friend Lauri (don’t spell Lauri with an “e” or she’ll de-friend you! I mean sure I had been taking a break from dating since I moved to Los Angeles — a TWO YEAR break, but who was PHEW! So I used a fake email address and took five minutes and created what I thought was a ridiculous, insane person nobody would take seriously.

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And, research shows you’re much more likely to stay socially connected when you’re single and less likely to die alone. Think of all the time you spend with a partner when you’re in a relationship. In reality, sleeping with someone else can also mean less actual sleep. Single women are routinely ostracized at work, stigmatized within their families, and stereotyped by the larger community. I’m sure someone out there will read this article and imagine that I am writing in the defensive, at home on a Saturday night, curled up on my couch in a Hello Kitty onesie, eating a Lean Cuisine, and watching reruns of The Bachelor while I sob quietly under a blanket of cats, one hand impulsively Facebook stalking all my exes and married people everywhere, ready to pounce on the next penis-holding person I see, hoping that he will love me.

Want to take a few weeks off of work and travel South America? Want to turn your night at a friend’s house into a full weekend? Want to move to a different city next month for a job opportunity? Partners who sleep together have 50% more sleep disturbance than those who sleep alone, which has direct negative consequences for physical, emotional, and mental health. Someone else will no doubt say that I am selfish and that feminism is ruining marriage and society at large and that “women just aren’t women anymore,” (accompanied by a tiny violin).

We talk to our kids about their future spouses and weddings, assuming they will, of course, be heterosexual and get married. The social requirement for every person to ultimately enter into a heterosexual, monogamous, legally-bound partnership has been a norm throughout our nation’s history.

Being single and a woman is sad, lonely, unfulfilling, and should be composed entirely by desperate efforts to NOT be single anymore. ” as though it is a perfectly appropriate gauge of how they are doing. Our culture has deep roots in the idea of coupling.

And as the above memes so poignantly demonstrate, we still do! It is a political statement, a refuge from sexism, and an opportunity to show that women can be self-sufficient (Boston marriages, anyone? It’s also psychologically, emotionally, physically, and mentally just plain good for you. Find your bliss, find your passion, find your SELF. This is true if you’re single for a short period or as a deliberate life choice. History is brimming with smart, independent women who never wore a ring or identified themselves as being a partner to someone else. (It tastes like oppression and it’s way past its expiration date) This idea that this one person has to be our sex partner, financial partner, co-parent, and primary emotional support, while we do all of this for them, is simply not for everybody.


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