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As one of the twelve apostles hand-picked by our Savior, this cousin of Jesus and brother of James has come to my assistance countless times over the years.

One of the most extraordinary instances was when I was down to the wire in having to find a rental home quickly after selling my condo.

I speak of Saint Jude – the Saint of the impossible! And I can tell you from experience, he takes his title very seriously!

(I mean, nowadays I force myself to express something, but I still find it difficult.)I think this comes from a deep, culturally instilled shame women have about being turned on by people. If you’re a woman, being turned on by people I really, really don’t want my partner to look at me that way.

I think for me, dating a woman who can support herself is an absolute necessity for this reason, but uh…

Not having any luck in my search – and needing to find a home within two weeks, I was growing more desperate by the hour. On the advice of a friend, I wrote out a list of everything I was looking for in a home – a fireplace, wood flooring, two car garage, office space, desert landscaping, not to mention, something to fit my budget!

I began my novena, praying to Saint Jude to intercede before the Most Holy Trinity.

I dated a guy who told me he’d dump me if I put on 10 pounds; I can’t imagine a women ever saying that. #Not All Women and #Not All Men — but there are trends that I’ve noticed from my experience, and talking to other people about their experience.