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When using four boards, the tension is never released. So thanks to Doug Ebert for the follow-ing band exercise.

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Run the 5/8 chain through the metal loop and adjust it so that half of the 5/8 chain is lying on the floor while the bars in the rack. For example, if your max is 500, put 300 pounds on the bar.

When the bar is on your chest, only the weight of the bar should be on your chest; that is, all the 5/8 chain should be on the floor.

A 600 bencher uses two 5/8 chains and sometimes adds a 1/2 inch chain, for 40 or 51 added pounds at lock- out.

You can experiment on your own, but remember this process is to build bar speed and acceleration.

For floor pressing, simply drape the 5/8 inch chain over the sleeve of the bar and you’re ready. George will use 200 pounds of chain (5 sets of chain) and works up to a single. On max effort day, do board presses with four 2 x 6’s. To make it as tough as possible, use several bands.