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Guard llamas protect and adopt a herd of goats as their own.

Guard llamas defend against predators in many ways.

One camera monitors the outside pen, and the other monitors the inside pen.

If you can’t see the goats in the picture, they are probably out…

Raw milk advocates have an uphill battle to shatter paradigms that remain from a time when little was known about microbiology and modern refrigeration did not exist.

We believe it comes down to a person’s right to choose what food to put into their own bodies. That is to raise goats the way nature intended eating grass and alfalfa, grazing in the fields, playing with each other, being loved by humans and eating organic grains.

If I win the election on October 16, 2017 with your votes, I will sincerely devote my energies and time for the benefits of all communities’ residents to bring positive changes in their living.