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A fire at Albert Mills, which started in a rag grinding shed, did damage estimated at a cost of £300 in 1900.

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Parts of the old mill are still visible from Wakefield Road, but are hard to define.

The mill chimney, of which part is still evident, is of an unusual square construction, unlike the majority of other mill chimneys in Ossett, which were round. Information thanks to Pam Studd who, with her father, worked at Bottomfield Mill for Woodheads in the 1970s.

In addition, a large number of rag businesses were set up to serve the needs of the town's cloth mills.

Above: Picture of Ossett taken from the fields at Runtlings in the 1920s.

Park House or Ossett Grammar School can be seen to the left of the tree, but also visible are a couple of large mill chimneys, which still dominated Ossett's skyline at that time. Of course, Ossett's textile mills and mill chimneys were miniscule in size compared to Benjamin Gott's Bean Ing Mill in Leeds or the equally impressive Lister's Mill in Bradford.


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