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The fact that Stephen II was a grantor in 1700 and the fact that his known male descendants have DNA matching that of a native American tribesman who has traced his ancestry to Ka-Okee gives me confidence that this lineage is right. According to Burwell's attorney, some tobacco claimed by Mourning Pettus, widow of Thomas Pettus II, was the "proper estate" of Stephen Pettus. There appeared in the genealogical columns of the Times Dispatch of Sept.5 and 12, 1915, a very interesting article by Mr. Cary in his article, giving "the family of Samuel Overton, who married Miss Carr", states : "In the Virginia Land office there is record of a deed for land on 'south and north folks o f Elk Creek, 7 January,1725, to William Overton, son of Samuel Overton, sometime of New Kent county'.

This led me to the conclusion that Thomas had left the tobacco to Stephen and that Stephen--not Elizabeth--was the orphan heir. Wilson Miles Cary, a prominent genealogist of Baltimore, dated July 20th, 1910, he having died since that time, in regard to the Overton family, from which h e was descended. It was SAMUEL OVERTON'S daughter ANN OVERTON, who married JOHN PETTUS, grandson of COLN.

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Once I began my own research into the original records around 1970, I quickly discovered that most writers on Pettus genealogy relied upon someone else's work and that the pioneers either did not do the necessary research or else misinterpreted whatever fragmentary records they did find.

Good evidence has come to light in the past few years that immigrant ancestor, Thomas Pettus, married Ka-Okee, daughter of Pocahontas by her first husband, Kocoum, an Indian brave who died in a battle with the Susquehanna tribe!

So, I will quote from our correspondence to try to bring you up to speed.

I have purchased his book, which at his request I will not mention, and when I have time, I will try to correct the genealogy below to fit his newest findings.

Although Thomas remarried after Ka-Okee died c1637, the line of descent from his second wife, Elizabeth (Freeman) Duirrent, apparently ended before 1700, when his only known granddaughter, Elizabeth Pettus, died underage and unmarried.