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Carmelandthere- newalof theexcavationsat Hayonim Cave;thecompletionof theexcavationsat Amud Caveandthediscoveryof additionalhumanremainsthere;andtheexcavationsof the Mousterianrocksheltersandcavesinsouthern Jordansuchas Tor Faraj, Tor Sabihaand Ain Difla. During the same period ESR, TL, and Amino Acid Racemization readings were obtained in sitessuch as Qafzeh, Kebara, Tabun, Amud, Tor Faraj, Tor Sabiha, and Ain Di- fla.

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We hope that both the authors and thereaderswillunderstandtheconstraintsanddifficultiesinvolvedin thistask.

Oneof the morecommonissuesisthespellingof Neandertals,whichwasoriginally written with“th” buthasbeenshortenedinrecentyearstoonly“t.”Wealso favoredtheterm“Near East” rather than“Middle East,”andhavechosentospell“Paleo”assuchrather than“Palaeo.” We have standardized the references to dates of thousands and millions of years by using ka for thousands and Ma for millions.

Both the newfossil relics and the ones discovered in the past raised numerous issues ontwofronts:theapproximatetaxonomicstatusof thesehumans;andthepossiblerela- tionshipsbetweenthosetraditionallyclassifiedas Neandertalsandthemodernhumans thatwerealsonamed as“proto-Cro-Magnons.”Disagreementsconcerningtaxonomicand paleobehavioralaspectsmadeitobviousthatinvestigatorsfromdifferentcountriesand variousschoolsneededtomeettodiscussthemostupdatedresultsof theirscientificin- quiries.

Theresultwastheorganizationof thefirstmeetingatthe Universityof Tokyoin 1990 (Akazawa et al.1992).

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