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We prepared everything; no sooner had a minute passed as we sat very close, touching each other’s knees and shoulders from time to time.

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I was amazed at the soft pink lips that approached my face.

I took her pussy in my mouth and sucked, while my tongue explored her trembling flesh.

She sat for a moment, looking down at me, then began turning, while still impaled by my cock. As she bounced on my cock, I noticed her tight asshole. I had always liked to fuck an ass, but rarely got the opportunity. Her cries increased, as did the friction on my cock. I understood we would have lots of night like this one ahead, but was ignorant about how long it would last.

Once Vera was facing me, but still fully impaled on my cock, she leaned forward, grabbed my ankles and began to ride more quickly. I kissed her lips, Vera opened her eyes and smiled for me lovely….

We got tickets on the train; there were 2 more women in our car except me and Vera. The older one looked very attractive and pretty thought she seemed to be 40 or even more. We had quite a calm trip, with no hassles or worries.