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We also refer to these logical children as the “content” of the control. These controls derive from the Items Control base class.(These are the controls that we are focusing on in this Items Control series, so I’ll come back to them shortly…) If you took time to explore the different items controls at the end of The ICIQ Test, you know that there are also controls that contain a single header item plus a collection of content items.Defining a Data Template The first step is to actually define the Data Template.

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Ideally, we’d like to have some formatted text along with an image of the character. As it builds the element tree, the framework watches for controls and data items that have corresponding templates.

When such an element is encountered, the appropriate template is into the actual visuals that represent the logical item and those visuals are inserted into the visual tree.

When you run this little sample, you see the window shown here.

As you can see, the visual representation of the Character object is just a string.

In this post, we examine this content model, especially as it pertains to items controls.