Paris hilton dating adam levine warning signs dating violence

Thursday, calling him "cute." (Levine, 33, recently split from Victoria's Secret model Anne V, 26.) PHOTOS: Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage-baring style Since then, Hewitt has been asked about her celebrity crush to the point of embarrassment.

"Everybody is talking about it and Adam Levine will probably never speak to me," the actress said during a radio interview with Texas DJ Bobby Bones Friday.

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"Every part of my being is allergic to walking out of a place and seeing them," he says of the paparazzi. "It’s fun if you look at it like a spy movie," he says. It’s a rental—Levine and his bros are only living in it until contractors complete work on a place for him and his fiancée, supermodel Behati Prinsloo.

"These are kind of the last days of the frat house," he says, waxing nostalgic about the costume parties, and the toga party, and the gigantic pirate party, after which they kept finding swords and eye patches and gold coins at the bottom of the pool for weeks.

Chances are also good that you find him strangely uncool. Let’s get into this: What are the characteristics of a douchebag?

Because, well, there's just something about him, and he knows it *Adam Levine wrote this headline. " says Adam Levine, pushing aside the remains of his egg-white omelet.

"Because, truthfully, it’s not the most desirable place for a lot of people to go."Attention is not something Levine shirks. "Oh, I guess the hearing-aid store went out of business," he says.