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Lori Silverbush is an award-winning screenwriter and director who uses fiction and non-fiction film to ignite dialogue about critical issues of our day. He has long been an advocate for victims of human trafficking and for increasing resources in Family Court.

Tom Colicchio is a critically acclaimed chef with restaurants across the United States and a judge on the series , a film that examines the shocking paradox of hunger in the wealthiest nation on earth, Ms. Colicchio stand at the forefront of a national movement to end hunger in the United States. Larry Silverstein is the Chairman of the privately held global real estate entity, Silverstein Properties, Inc., a prominent real estate development, investment, and management firm. Silverstein developed, owns, and operates over 35 million square feet of commercial, residential, hotel, and retail space around the world.

The program gave her stability, hope, insight, and a sense of belonging.

Since being out of “the life,” she has overcome challenges but now had the strength and skills needed to be a positive role model and presence in her children’s life.“I believe that our pasts don’t define who we are now. I have overcome many barriers and I have seen countless survivors overcome similar barriers. No matter where you are in life, there is someone there to meet you where you are at now.” Carol Smolenski is the Executive Director and one of the Founders of ECPAT-USA (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), a children’s rights organization that has worked for the protection of children from commercial sexual exploitation since 1991.

After growing up in a home of domestic violence and child sexual abuse, her need to survive forced her to run away from home, which ultimately pushed her into “the life.” She was exploited through strip clubs and escorting services until a sex-buyer tried to kill her. Saylor is now a devoted mother whose life mission is to mentor young girls and women experiencing trauma, while educating the community and fighting for change in the hearts of our society.