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Enquiries: [email protected] Gallagher's new collection is bejewelled throughout with haiku-like moments of vivid observation.

Her delighted responses - in particular to the natural world - serve to peel away the film of familiarity through which we usually gaze.

The poems of Acres of Light offer a joyful rinsing of the senses. To listen to the recording of the interview, Poetry & Voice Workshop at Torriano.

The websites aim is to promote the study and appreciation of Australian poems and poets.

The project is a joint venture between Sydney University, the Copyright Agency (CAL) and Australian Research Council.

Yet Gallagher combines such excited observation with a quality of restraint, a respect for what she encounters in a process of self-creation - "from myself into myself" as her epigraph from Rose Auslander puts it.

Sequences about her Australian mother and the loss of her brother are imbued with this same gift: life is celebrated in poems that never forget our mortality: "This is time we have underlined, / remembering what we've done, where we're going" ('Quotidian').

Many have heard the poem Not Waving but Drowning which in some ways shows her somewhat ambivalent attitude to life and death.