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Nine out of 10 of them would be fine with people in their circles dating someone outside their race or ethnicity.

And although a Black woman was at the center of the Supreme Court case that legalized interracial marriage between Blacks and Whites in America, Black women seem to be not only less likely to marry non-Black men, but less likely to marry at all. Most of the conversations I have with Black women about dating and relationships include a deeper conversation about how, , Black women need to engage in more interracial dating.

He contends, "Yeah, and I think [ideas about desirability and otherness are] influenced by our culture and media, and our history." As a Black woman, these kinds of conversations on desirability and otherness are a bit taxing and a quite hurtful. What's also very real is new trends in Black women dating Asian men--not because each feels undesirable to the world, but because each are desirable to one another.


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