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Although David is nice to Nicole, he keeps her out past curfew and soon shows an aggressive nature when he assaults her friend Gary (Todd Caldecott).

He shoves Nicole to the ground when she tries to stop him, giving her a black eye.

David gets ready to execute Steven but Nicole prevents this by stabbing David in the back with a letter opener (which David himself won for Nicole at a carnival on one of their dates).

Nicole goes with Laura and Toby to the mall, where David corners her in the women's restroom, claiming they have something special and demanding her to be his forever.

At the same time, Steven finds his Mustang vandalized by David who has left a note reading "Now I've popped both your cherries! Furious, Steven breaks into the house David shares with Logan and finds an obscene shrine he has built for Nicole.

It misses Toby, who then runs Terry down by reversing the SUV out of the garage.

Retrieving Larry's keys, Toby sneaks inside and un-cuffs both his parents.

David follows Margo in his car and crashes into her; he chokes her and threatens he will hurt her more if she doesn't fix things for him.


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