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a boring conversation that takes place in an alleyway. “Blond Leading the Blind” (Season 2, episode 17)A half-baked episode that gets most of its juice from infighting between various couples. Club was involved with Alison’s disappearance, despite the N. It’s largely a filler episode, but it does have Spencer making this very Spencer joke about why they bought such a lame sticker to put on Hanna’s cast: “It was either Humpty-Dumpty or ‘Jesus is coming. “Breaking the Code” (Season 2, episode 21)actually excelled at filler episodes, and this is one of them, with some crumbs dropped here and there about Melissa’s connections to Alison’s disappearance and Ezria becoming a little less taboo as a couple. “Picture This” (Season 2, episode 9)A blackmails Emily into betraying a love interest. “Father Knows Best” (Season 2, episode 22)A father-daughter dance with a surprising lack of dramatic flair; Peter Hastings admits to Spencer that he paid a private investigator ,000 to look into what happened to Alison after she disappeared. “Reality Bites Me” (Season 1, episode 5)A Spencer-driven episode where the biggest drama revolves around her plagiarizing an AP Russian History essay from Melissa that ends up winning a prestigious student award.Besides that, it introduces some questions about whether the N. But if you didn’t tune in, you would still be able to understand what happens next week, no problem. “The Remains of the ‘A’” (Season 3, episode 6)The charges against Garrett for Alison’s murder are dismissed because of … Caleb reconnects with his birth mother, and we see more colluding between Jenna and Garrett. The Hastings family is looking as suspicious as ever. “The Bin of Sin” (Season 5, episode 17)There was a brief time when Hanna thought Mona’s dead body was dissolving in a barrel and being kept in a storage unit rented in her name. Plus, A creepily films the Liars from inside her bedroom closet. “A Dark Ali” (Season 5, episode 10)The Liars decide to cut ties with Alison when they come to the unanimous conclusion she can’t be trusted anymore.After the Liars find an old journal of Alison’s, we see an all-time-great flashback of Alison visiting Toby in juvie, and he’s wearing Spencer is keeping a secret that alienates her from the group, and her self-loathing starts to hit tedious levels.

“Over a Barrel” (Season 5, episode 16)Caleb and Spencer go on a fact-finding journey to the storage unit where they discover Mona’s body, which is fun because it foreshadows their future fling, which actually made a lot of sense.

However, there’s just too much talk of Holbrook, and watching poor Pastor Ted get shot down by Hanna’s mom is really sad. “Driving Miss Crazy” (Season 7, episode 17)Dark Aria gets in even deeper when she sneaks a recording device into the Hastings house that, when played back, finally delivers the long-awaited coup de grâce to Peter and Veronica’s marriage. “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno” (Season 3, episode 17)Byron admits he’s been a bad father, which is the most truthful thing he’s ever said.

history — fireflies swarming around his cabin to convey that he is at peace. “Exes and OMGs” (Season 7, episode 8)Here we have the late series return of Grunwald, and any mystical Ravenswood connections inevitably weaken the show.

Highlight moment: Hanna saying Noel Kahn has more “A-ness” than anyone else, resulting in a top notch “Oh, Hanna …” moment. “Hot for Teacher” (Season 4, episode 18)Ezra gaslights Aria into thinking her friends are terrible while the extent of his technological prowess and stalkerish ways are made clear for the first time.

dramedy accumulated a staggering number of loose ends, unsolved mysteries, unanswered questions, and entirely implausible plot lines over the course of its seven seasons, but at its core there were always four friends (okay, five, after Alison returns from the dead) trying to keep each other safe from harm while trading one-liners.