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Eskimo Joe have won eight ARIA Music Awards; in 2006 the band achieved four wins—from nine nominations— for work associated with Black Fingernails, Red Wine.

Formed as an alternative rock group in 1997 in East Fremantle, Eskimo Joe was initially a side project of Freud's Pillow, with Mac Leod on guitar, Quartermain on drums and guitar, and Temperley on bass guitar and vocals.

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He explained, "We needed a third party to come in so we could just be a band" and stated that the band was motivated to hire producer Burke Reid after he admitted that he was not a fan of their music.

Temperley also provided insight into the album's musical influences, citing Leonard Cohen and stating, "I always refer back to the sounds I have always loved and for me Beck and LCD Soundsystem are where it's at." Two synthesizers that belonged to Temperley, a Jupiter 4 and a Roland Compurhythm 100, were used during the entire recording process.

The third single "New York" was released early in 2007 and reached No. In August, "Black Fingernails, Red Wine", was issued as the band's debut United States single.

The fifth Australian single, "London Bombs", was released in October as a digital only single.

Following the release of "Got What You Need", the band stated, "It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before so we think people will be quite surprised by where we’ve headed." The scheduled release date for Wastelands is 20 September 2013.