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Like all other deceased Sims from Moonlight Falls, she has blue skin, hair, eyes and clothing.

Violet has a close friendship with Rick Contrary, who is her potential love interest. Violet's everyday clothes are an orange sweatsuit and hair in braided ponytails, but although her everyday clothes are already sporty, her gym clothes are a blue sweatsuit and hair in a ponytail.

Proof of this comes from her bedroom, also, full of sports memorabilia.

It was unfortunate, yet ironic, than an alchemy accident turned Violet into a golden Ghost.

Once an outdoorsy Sim who loved to explore, Violet now hates to leave the house and spends her day admiring her golden trinkets.

Violet and Hyacinth seem to be identical twins with relatively minor differences; they share four traits (they have one opposite trait from each other), their Zodiac Sign, their lifetime wish and their taste for Classical Music.