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And will we ever see a UK homegrown dating tech success story? Matthew Bradley, an investor at early stage London-based VC fund Forward Partners, is just one of many.“It’s a very competitive market, though there’s a gorilla in the form of Match Group.

Helping people to find partners is an old business and it was one of the first consumer propositions to make it large on the web,” Bradley told Whether it’s end-goal or outcome driven (eg Tinder vs Hitch), or in terms of process innovation (eg Happn vs Bumble), sexual preference (eg Grindr vs HER) or within a niche sector (eg Gluten Free Singles.com), tech companies are increasingly fighting to gain consumers’ attention. Ask your friend, sibling or colleague if they’re dating online.

The poll, which captured responses from over 9,000 US men and women, compared and contrasted dating-related habits on and offline, and suggests there are some key differentiators around fidelity, communication, perception and mindfulness.

For example, according to the survey results, online daters are more faithful to their mates, with 93% of online daters reportedly noting "fidelity" as important in a relationship as opposed to offline daters (90%).

This sentiment is partially a commentary on the Tinder generation, but also the societal impact of technology in a broader sense,” the investor claimed.