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So in the present work the turbulence is provided in the combustion chamber with grooves on the piston insert. Ph D thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, National Engineering School of Tunis/INSA Toulouse; 2004. Sfar Felfoul H, Clastres P, Carles GA, Ben Ouezdou M. Geo Eng 2000, Mellourne, Australia; November (2000), pp.19–21. Performance study of a HUASB Reactor for Treating Tapioca-Based Starch Industrial Waste Stream, Jl. The mobile phones have the additional features like camera, mp3, multimedia A/V, etc. The system will enable data sharing between mobile, pen drive, digital camera and the device having USB interface. Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are being used to form large, dense networks for the purpose of long term environmental sensing and data collection. In order to meet such requirements the coding languages used for it are modified here.

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Due to lower viscosity of alcohol the fuel injection pressure is reduced to165 bar for the experimentation. The use of cement stabilized phosphogypsum mixes in road construction. Latest mobile phones have got memory capacities GB’s and can be connected computers. As this machine operation rely on bank cards, proper password, enough amount of money in one’s account, certain verification and identification methods etc.

Further the efficiency of the engine can be improved by providing turbulence in the combustion chamber. Etude du phosphogypse de Sfax (Tunisie) en vue d’une valorisation en technique routiere. In: Proceedings of the international geotechnical and geological engineering. These mobile phones have capability to get connected to the internet. Balakrishnan, “An application-specific protocol architecture for wireless micro sensor networks,” in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Oct. It needs to be secure and having integrity of fine level right to its coding stage for optimum utilization of the service.

Of the QIP short term Course on recent developments in I. Abstract: Faults in induction motors may cause a system to fail. Presently, the cadastral maps are being updated with high resolution remotely sensed imageries using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). There is a need to assess the actual practices that are followed in HCEs in all major cities and towns. In this paper, a fuzzy based energy-aware sensor network communication protocol is developed based on three descriptors - energy, concentration and centrality. of the 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Maui, HI, Jan. Abstract: This paper presents the design and implementation of Personal Health Records and providing security to them while they are stored at third party such as cloud.

Hence it is necessary to detect and correct them before the complete motor failure. Present paper discusses the updation of the geospatial information and quantification of the accuracy of the geo-referenced cadastral map of Venkatapuram village of Thorrour mandal, Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh, India. In this study BMW handling and management in HCEs located in Pondicherry, India has been investigated. Further we have to compared fuzzy based approach with other popular protocol LEACH and improved hierarchy scheme DBS. Personal Health Record is web based application that allows people to access and co-ordinate their lifelong health information.

Lewis, “An Evaluation of Phrasal and Clustered Representations on a Text Categorization Task,” Proc. Technique to pruning is related to prune nonfunctional neuron’s (algorithm) from ANC network, which makes only best neurons responsible for noise cancellation. Performance of neurons depends upon instantaneous surrounding conditions. UPFC Simulation and Control Using the ATP/EMTP and MATLAB/Simulink Programs, 2006 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition Latin America, Venezuela 10. In this research paper we offer an appraisal of BPR vision focusing upon the use of informational techniques to facilitate a shift way from linear sequential work organization towards parallel work and multidisciplinary team work. European Journal of Operational Research 1997; 103(1):1–17. Hossein Cheraghi (1999) the 4th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theory, Applications and Practice November 17-20, 1999, San Antonio, Texas, USAAbstract: Digital watermarking technology is a frontier research field and it mainly focuses on the intellectual property rights, identification and authentication of the digital media to protect the important documents.