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But now: Vulture’s Denise Martin flashes back to the freaking insane third season of Melrose Place with the help of the writing squad responsible for its many implausible charms.

Everyone remembers Kimberly yanking off her wig and the wedding-dress pool fight from the second season of Melrose Place. Kimberly’s creepy inner hobo-demon Henry introduces himself.

They decided Kimberly would instead rig the apartment building with explosives. Surely, you remember this guy popping up when Kimberly looked in the mirror à la Bob in Twin Peaks?

April’s Oklahoma City bombing, however, pushed the actual “boom! “The tie-in between that episode and historical events is insane,” she says. “We were always wondering how far we could go with Kimberly without crossing over into complete insanity,” Star admits.

“But I do remember how we talked about the pumpkin line. “He had just started kind of dipping his big toe into acting,” Johnson says.