Volcanic ash used dating fossils

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Volcanic ash used dating fossils

The "millions of years" assigned to the geological strata and the evolutionary tree is based entirely on unfounded assumptions. Radioactive dating methods are based on a number of untestable assumptions that produce "old age" results.

Past atmospheric conditions, solar activity, volcanic activity, state of the earth's magnetic field, decay rates of radioactive elements, and other factors are simply unknown.

Detailed studies of various animals have also revealed physical equipment and capabilities that cannot even be copied by the world's best designers using the most sophisticated technologies.

Examples include the miniature and reliable sonar systems of dolphins, porpoises and whales; the frequency-modulated radar and discrimination system of bats; the aerodynamic capabilities and efficiency of the hummingbird; the control systems, internal ballistics and combustion chamber of the bombardier beetle; the precise and redundant navigational system of the arctic tern; and the self-repair capabilities of practically all forms of life.

Since mutations almost always contribute to a decrease in viability (survivability), the mutated animal quickly becomes part of the food chain. Mutations cannot produce complex organs such as the eye, the ear, or the brain, much less the intricacy of design found in microbiological organisms.