Sql updating table from same table

Putting it all together In this example I will take a Products table as target table and Updated Products as a source table containing updated list of products.

I will then use the MERGE SQL command to synchronize the target table with the source table.

You then specify the type of data modification that is to occur when the records between the two data are matched or are not matched. Rate --When no records are matched, insert --the incoming records from source --table to target table WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET THEN INSERT (Product ID, Product Name, Rate) VALUES (SOURCE.

MERGE is very useful, especially when it comes to loading data warehouse tables, which can be very large and require specific actions to be taken when rows are or are not present.

To fix it, we run the following SQL statement: IMPORTANT: When using the UPDATE statement, pay special attention to make sure that some type of filtering criteria is specified. UPDATE Store_Information SET Sales = 800 WHERE Store_Name = 'Boston'; 2. What is the content of the table after the following SQL statement is executed?