Dating france amour

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The film is 127 minutes long and contains only 236 total cuts (including the title card). The film's script doesn't exceed the length of over 60 pages. some banal romance or other about a nobleman and a lower middle-class girl who couldn't have each other and who then, out of sheer magnanimity, decide to renounce their love - in fact, I don't quite remember it any more.

In any case, afterwards I was thoroughly distraught, and it took me a bit of time to calm down. A film encompasses the soul and meaning of love and executes the physical and emotional demand it requires to be told effectively and correctly. Haneke steers the film effortlessly, as if he were telling a shot-for-shot story of his own experiences.

The film dares you to find someone you love that much, in both perspectives.

Haneke focuses on the couple with no outside stories of their neighbors, life before these events, or extra characters. Amour could be the best film of the year and is the best film of the New York Film Festival so far.

La France du Nord au Sud pens tout pour vous faciliter la vie.