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But it was six years later in 300, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel retelling the Battle of Thermopylae, that the 6ft 2in Butler’s physical prowess (the jaw-dropping result of training six hours a day) got him noticed.'What we are missing in cinema at the moment is real men,’ 300’s director, Zack Snyder, says.

'In how he looks, and in how he is, Gerry has a manliness that is incredibly appealing.’ '300 was a real turning point in my career,’ Butler, now 39, says.

'Until then, I felt like a steam train that was slowly chugging to the top of a hill.

'He’s tough, and crazy, but he also has this boy-man quality that makes you want to take care of him,’ Snyder says.

'I have always had this deep sense of loneliness,’ Butler reveals at one point.

Second, there is his refreshing refusal to play the game, or indeed, to take himself too seriously.


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    According to The Daily Mail, Patrick and Clarisse, an interior designer, had been married when he first began coaching Williams and their ensuing divorce was caused, in part, to his relationship with his player.

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