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We all know that raising children can be very expensive.

According to USDA, a child born in 2012 to age 18 will cost parents approximately $241,080. Despite the looming economic crisis and various cuts in subsidies on this side of the pond, Dutch families will still continue to get money from the Dutch government.

Happiness, measured as an indicator for social progress, was taken quite seriously. Dutch psychologist and journalist Ellen de Bruin has written a book titled “Dutch Women Don’t Get Depressed” illustrating the phenomenon.

It’s definitely a no brainer that in general, happy parents equal happy kids. According to Ellen de Bruin, “Personal choice is key: in the Netherlands people are free to choose their life partners, their religion, their sexuality, we are free to use soft drugs here, we can pretty much say anything we like.

Unicef Germany isn’t the first research organization to come to this conclusion.


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