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Merriam-Webster, publishers of the leading American dictionaries, first heard of this puzzle in a letter dated March 17, 1975, from Patricia Lasker of Brooklyn, New York.Lasker says her plant manager heard the question on an unnamed quiz show.

Long story short I now have full custody and he’s in therapy as a happy 6yo with next to no real memory of that time. Come to hear from her sister 6 months later none of any of that had happened 8. Arthur Aron guided pairs of strangers in tasks specifically designed to generate closeness.

Part of the experiment involved answering a series of 36 questions and then staring into your designated partner’s eyes for four straight minutes. Aron’s methodology famously resulted in an official marriage.

The majority of readers gave the answer "gry," an obsolete unit of measure invented by John Locke.

It is unclear whether this was the answer given on the Grant show, or what the precise wording had been.

The booklet was filled with riddles, including the following: There are three words in the English language that end with -gry. The third word is a very common word, and you use it often. The red herring only works because there is another puzzle that does use these letters (even though that puzzle has no good answer). of Glasgow writing to George Augustus Henry Sala in his "Echoes of the Week" column in the Illustrated London News.


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