The dating game 2

The rules of play are not laws of nature, but arbitrarily agreed by the players, and sometimes changed during play.

We see this acutely demonstrated in the events she describes..

Heat generated by the radioactive decay of elements within the earth was quickly invoked to explain cooling of the earth over long ages.

Thus, radioactivity allowed a different history for the earth to be proposed, one that could extend ‘for as long as geologists and biologists might need’ (p. It is widely paraded that the discovery of radioactivity solved the heat problem but that is not so.

The idea that dating predominately revolves around subtle manipulation and power plays.

Those who think that science has proved the earth is billions of years old should find this book disturbing.

Kelvin was blunt, ‘A great reform in geological speculation seems now to have become necessary’ (p. In other words, Kelvin challenged them to assume a different history.