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It spans 780 sq km from central Kuala Lumpur in the north to the city's international airport in the south.Acceptance of the premise that nursing legal and ethical standards are emerging and evolving in the global community, forms the basis for this exploration of Malaysian nursing law and ethics.

The Malaysian government has ordered internet cafes to install pornography filters on their computers as part of a wide-ranging crackdown to keep cyber smut out of the country, a news report says.

Among the other measures, internet service providers will be required to offer home users anti-porn filters at a cost, the daily said, quoting the science and technology minister, Jamaluddin Jarjis.

The unique Moorish-style building has a 41m clock tower, dubbed 'Big Ben'.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building was originally known as "The New Government Offices".

Still, enforcement of anti-pornography laws has been weak, and the government says crime and moral problems among youths such as rape and teen pregnancies are due to unfettered access to pornography on the internet, which is widely available in urban areas of mostly Muslim Malaysia.