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But Ternovskiy doesn’t sign with Milner straight away. And should he join forces with a Russian business partner or with an American company?

Ternovskiy is sitting at home in his small room, roughly 30 square feet large. The arbitrary dance of the Chatroulette chatters revolves around a struggle for attention.

According to several commenters, fully-clothed men doing nothing offensive are getting unfairly blocked because chat partners decide they’d prefer an attractive woman.

You think the guys would just F9 and move on, but no, apparently they prefer to block other men – thus reducing the number of other men on the site and by the same reasoning, increasing the proportion of women to men. Here’s the comment: David says: “After getting blocked for the first time today for no real reason (just a clothed guy sitting here doing nothing remotely offensive, certainly don’t look offensive, and not getting to see any connection long enough to be considered “boring”), I discovered this is happening to may others as well.

gets 1,500 visitors/day and Chatroulette is reported to have 1.5 million users/day.