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Eskimos proved beyond any doubt that humans can be sustained by meat and fish alone.

To do it, they had to consume not only the meat of each type of animal and fish they killed, but also the blubber or fat, the eyes, the nutritious organ meats (especially the liver and kidneys) of the smaller dead mammals, fish livers, and the brain, tongue, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, stomach contents, intestines and bone marrow of the caribou.

They somehow managed to recover even the blood of most seals and caribou, consuming it either directly, as a beverage, or as an additive to soup.

Finally, they drank copious amounts of water, a physiological necessity for people on such an extreme high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet...

Pale wine made from native grapes and oranges; peaches baked in sugar-crust tarts; baked, stuffed Gulf snapper; and and endless variety of aromatic soups and sauces were being served.


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