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Here's another co-op multiplayer shooter, this time from Valve Software.

It compiles Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4, along with all of their respective DLC on a single disc or download.

What's more, a 1080p upscale of the fantastic Halo 3: ODST can be added on for 5 bucks as if $35 wasn't enough of a bargain already for nearly an entire blockbuster game series.

The game includes an adventure mode outside the main campaign that allows players to roam through every available region in the game to collect loot.

On the consoles, Diablo III is playable with friends both online and offline, whereas the PC version is online only (a sore spot with many PC gamers).

It's some of the most frantic fun you can have in a game and it's amazing how quickly even the most tight-knit friendships can start to melt when subjected to a hot kitchen.


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    May 2007 Drummer Rocky Gray and rhythm guitarist John Le Compt leave the band and join Ben Moody in We Are The Fallen.

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    For the third year in a row the public has the unique opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with a California condor chick through livestreaming video of a California condor nest.

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    So, the only concern you would have online is if you showed your face.

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    Between 19, she hosted the Spanish TV channel Telecinco's talk show La Quinta Marcha, a programme that was hosted by teenagers, aimed at a teenage audience.