Cells not auto updating in excel

cells not auto updating in excel-43

I have a sheet that calculates a few key financial variables based on one cell changing (the assumptions are pre-calced but each time the cell changes Excel needs to calculate, usually each one runs super fast).

Using an Active X combo box (to allow user control/searchability, etc.) I allow a user to change the cell B1: The current problem I am trying to solve is attempting to batch these so I can run a user-defined list iteratively.

The primary macro Insert Rows And Fill Formulas is installed on a toolbar button.

Both macros are installed on a module sheet in my The code below has extra blank lines to help identify long lines it they get wrapped when you copy them.

OFFSET makes Replication/Deletion of Rows tie in better with the other rows, and of course, makes possible the Insert Rows And Fill Formulas macro described in the next topic.


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