Dating websites for my friend

One user who’d just moved to a new city told Wilson that it made navigating an otherwise lonely experience more fun, saying, "My sister and my mom are still helping me out, introducing me to people." For their part, wingpeople liked to be involved and were invested in finding good matches.So if you’re the kind of person who’s willing to open up your romantic life to friends, this seems like a smart way to do it.

So if your sense of altruism isn't motivating enough, maybe your competitive side will jump in?

While singles can’t go after matches directly, they can give their wingperson a “nudge” if they see someone in the app that they want you to connect them with.

There are those of us who are now in relationships and need to live vicariously through our single friends.

And if you’re a graduate of the dating app scene yourself, this could be your chance to use all your hard-won knowledge to help others succeed.

But Wilson told us it can be for casual dating as much as it is finding marriage material.


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