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Remarkable, while he never misses a chance to proclaim something “fantastic” to capture media attention, whether at a live event, press conference, interview or Tweet, Trump has been noticeably restrained in statements, let alone condemnation, of those so far identified for sexual misconduct. Courageous testimonials by women once abused and – long overdue – aggressive media reporting has dragged sexual abusers out from the shadows into the public spotlight, upsetting the political and culture-industry status quo.

Trump is the master showman, a living spectacle of the three-card-Monti game of self-promotion, the slight-of-hand scam that effectively sucks the life out of critical political discourse. In addition, some two-dozen women have publicly declared that they were groped or otherwise sexually assaulted by the nation’s 45 president.

Since the nation’s founding, sex scandals have served as morality tales to shame and/or punish the perpetrator.


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