Updating a clob

m_length); dbms_lob.write( lob_loc = My code very specifically changes only the first 17 bytes of the LOB.

updating a clob-68

Updating a clob Free sri lankan porn sex online web cam chating

I’ve got a table with a single CLOB column holding a single row.

The size of the single CLOB is roughly 365KB (or about 45 blocks of 8KB).

The result is a simple SQL Statement that results in an SQL UPDATE statement, which updates a column, with XML located in /directory/to/ Create Directory Object To start with, you’ll need to place the XML file in a directory and create the File Handler in Oracle for use later.

In my case, I copied the text (XML) from the source column in the source database and pasted it to a file.

The index is actually quite an odd one because it serves two functions; apart from pointing to current lobs by chunk number, it also points to “previous” chunks by timestamp (specifically the number of seconds between Midnight of 1st Jan 1970 and the time at which the chunk was “overwritten”).


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