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The hypothesis of the survey included the distinction between amateur pornography with more "regular people" to more professional pornography characterised by unrealistic bodies."The strength of that relationship [between anabolic steroid use and pornography] is stronger if you're watching more professional than amateur pornography," Dr Griffiths said.He said the pressure was greater in the gay male community as it was widely acknowledged appearance and bodily standards were of more importance compared to the heterosexual community.Yet in doing so, they find that their lives are inexplicably linked. See full summary » Jennifer Carpenter, Kristen Connolly and Alexander Poe star in a comedy about three New Yorkers struggling to uncover the truth behind their romantic entanglements.

"In part, it might reflect that men more than women place a premium on attractiveness as an indicator of preference," Dr Griffiths said."Attractiveness ranks relatively higher for men than it does for women."Paul, a regular gym goer, agreed that there was a lot of pressure in the gay community to conform to an idealised masculine image.

"Anyone would know that a lot of the gay community here in Australia and pretty much all over the world, is very aesthetic,'' he said.''It's all about body image, body type, what he looks like, muscles all that sort of stuff."Part of me is trying to fit into that."Paul [not his real name] said single gay men often used dating apps such as Grindr, but 40 per cent of the images on the site were of faceless, buffed torsos."They would receive a lot more attention than a photo with a face," said the 39-year-old.

But he also discovered a new kind of stress — the pressure in the male, gay community to look a certain way. For the past three to four years he has upped the ante in his weightlifting regime, including a six-month stint a year ago injecting prescribed anabolic steroids."I went to that extreme of paying five to six hundred dollars for a four to five-week cycle and injecting myself, or getting my partner to inject me, to help gain mass and be who I wanted to be," he said."No matter how many times people say, 'You look amazing, you look pumped' — it's still in my head that I'm that skinny person."While Paul's weight increased so did his confidence, but steroid use came with a cost.

Under the supervision of a clinical doctor, a cocktail of drugs was also injected as a precaution to counter the physiological side effects, such as lack of testosterone production and a build-up of estrogen.

In the attempt to win her back Graham discovers he has a unique problem: Laura and another one his ex-girlfriends (Carpenter) are dating the same guy.


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