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But London’s huge price hikes in recent years (and let’s not even go into Brexit) has left it with a growing problem.

The latest statistics show more young people are moving out of London than at any time since records began, because of the cost of housing, which has seen rents rise much faster than salaries.

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They went to Germany, Brazil and even to the former African colony of Angola. Today the unemployment rate has fallen from 17 percent in 2012 to 12 percent.

Meanwhile, the government raised taxes significantly, liberalized the labor market, laid off civil servants, reduced salaries for public workers as well as pensions and social services.

It looks out over the throng of colorful buildings on Castilo Hill.

And startups are based in old buildings with beautiful tiled walls in the cobblestoned streets of downtown Lisboa.

Lisbon also scores well in terms of its “global creative class”, as coined by influential academic Richard Florida.