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31 altogether.“Although the schools did indicate guidelines for appropriate costumes, there were sometimes students who didn’t follow those guidelines,” Poirier explained.“There was a discussion with those students about their costumes being inappropriate, and sometimes the students and the parents didn’t agree with the view of the school.”Sage Creek administration decided, in consultation with a student committee, to have four different themed dress-up days during the week where Halloween falls. There’s so many rules and regulations now around Valentines Day in school, how you invite kids’ classmates to birthday parties — it’s all uber-regulated,” Myshkowsky said.In 2013, parents at Hastings School in Winnipeg were also upset by a decision to cancel Halloween.The article then goes on with the usual litany of complaints: only 27 percent of large company-provided insurance plans cover IVF; only 15 states require plans to have an “infertility coverage” component; 4 of the 15 limit mandate to IVF using artificial insemination by husband only; some policies “exclude gay couples and single women” by “defin[ing] infertility as an inability to become pregnant through sexual intercourse”; some states require a documented period of infertility or waiting periods before coverage kicks in; not covering IVF now paves the way for pregnancy complications later; and “the Affordable Care Act did little to expand infertility coverage.” Let’s consider what’s at issue: .

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Ecole Sage Creek School principal Marc Poirier says since this is the Kindergarten to Grade 8 school’s first year, staff debated what the costume policy would be.

He said teachers from schools where kids were allowed to dress up noted some kids wore scary or gory costumes that frightened younger children, or they carried props such as swords. Poirier said some parents who didn’t support Halloween or trick-or-treating even kept their children home on Oct. Jay Myshkowsky, a parent of two boys at the school, said his eldest son is disappointed since he’d been attending a school where costumes were allowed for the past five years.“I think there’s things that kids don’t realize have been taken away over the years, (like) Christmas concerts.

This “solution” is, of course, essential to cementing the “achievement” of “same-sex marriage,” transgenderism, cohabitation, etc.: to be “human,” man has to transcend his biology.

article takes it as a given that social policy is just a little behind the curve on this issue, and that eventually—by putting money behind it—IVF will just become standard “treatment.” The article appears in a series “Your Money”—but it’s The privatization of marriage and parenthood have become so complete in American law that society is seen as having no interest in how members come into it or how society is sustained.

Hastings School vice-principal Susan Ciastko said the policy is accepted now, calling it a “non-issue.”News reports in Canada and the U. have noted some schools have experienced problems with students wearing culturally inappropriate costumes, such as ones that portray stereotypes.


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