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(Cat is short for concatenate.) The regular CAT command takes the contents of one file and sends it to another, or sends it to the console, or whatever.

(Invoking it consecutively 2 or more times is what makes the concatenation happen.) So, as you might imagine, CATDOC does the same thing, the difference being that whenever it sees that a source file is a Microsoft Word document, it automatically filters out all of the formatting, so that only plain ASCII is sent to the output. Adding -w makes them unwrapped (each paragraph is one long line).

What I just described is actually more work than the first method.

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Well, this is easily done if you have Cyg Win installed on your machine.

(See our previous tips about installing and running Cyg Win.) Cyg Win comes with a variation of the UNIX CAT command, called CATDOC.

So, be sure to set your aggregator to point to the Code Jacked RSS feed ( and keep your eyes peeled.

If you have a prepayment penalty, you're going to have to save a lot of money to make it worth paying that penalty.

But again, in the case of there only being a handful of small changes scattered around, that may not be a big deal.