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The report reveals there were nearly 150,000 incidents of domestic abuse in London last year, yet just over 400 serial, cross-border offenders are kept on a list for monitoring and tracking by the Metropolitan Police.The number of cases has risen by 15 per cent in just two years, now accounting for almost one in 10 criminal offences in the capital. "When something like this happens it's just horrible and for somebody to do that you just really want to get them into custody."Thirty-three- year-old Carlyle Villazon is behind bars, arrested for last Sunday's assault.

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“We're seeing domestic abuse increase at an alarming rate and we need to get serious about how we protect people from these vile acts,” said Mr Duvall.

“I recognise that the Government has improved the law to allow for tougher action against abusers, but the provision is too patchy and reoffending remains too high. We need to send a clear message to anyone committing domestic abuse that the police have them on their radar." It comes after The number had rocketed by almost 40 per cent compared with the previous 12 months, fuelling concerns that cuts to policing and specialist services for victims of domestic abuse were pushing vulnerable people back into dangerous situations, while allowing perpetrators to escape justice.

Individuals also have the right to ask police whether a new or existing partner has a violent history under the "Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme".