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Synchronizing models with objects that differ in case may lead to My SQL Workbench producing a statement for that object, before recreating it as lowercase.For more information, see Identifier Case Sensitivity Workarounds include using a consistent convention, where the most portable code uses lower case database and table names.To include database data to synchronization, first you need to provision the database.

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This article covers downloading and installing the Time Matters® Exchange Service to your server or standalone computer.

If you only use one computer, that computer is referred to as the server for purposes of this article.

Optionally, if you have an onsite Exchange server, you can also install the service to that computer.

We advise against installing the service to a non-SQL, non-Exchange computer due to introducing latency on both ends of communication.

The Time Matters Exchange Synchronization Service allows you to synchronize Time Matters Contacts, Events and To Do's with a Microsoft Exchange server.